Beer Can Padlock Shim aka "Masterlock Master Key"

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

How to build a better padlock shim using a very special hacker tool… A beer can.

This was picked from Deviant Ollam at Defcon 13.  This is yet
another reason I love Defcon.   I've heard the arguement that
we [security professionals] should NOT “promote” hacking or do anything to suggest that it is cool.

But I think that is a pretty stupid thing to say… because hacking IS
cool.  Its not always bad and definitely not always good.  As
far as going to events like Defcon… The IT and Security Industry are
so slow and firewalled with corporate BS that they will actually hide
things the consumners need to know.  Just look at CiscoGate
Or, do like a typical government, know that there is a problems but be
so filled with overhead and beauracracy that they can not do any thing
about it even if they cared enough to.

You don't have that kind of big brother crap at the Defcon.  If
its broke you fix it and if it is fixed you break it to see if its

the locks on the doors into your house are no good don't you want to
know about it ASAP?

Ollams Site:

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