Why Information System Security Professionals Should Join the ISSA

by Bruce Brown | 1 Comment

I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and joined my local Information System Security Association, Colorado Springs Chapter (ISSA-COS).  A few of my co-workers have been encouraging me to join since last year.


Over the past year many of the benefits that they’ve enjoyed as member of the ISSA have spilled over on to me.  I
encourage all serious Information security professional to join because
the ISSA has their fingers on the pulse on all information security
events, jobs and seminars at discount prices.  

ISSA members are always up on the latest security events and seminars in town.  Just two months ago, an ISSA member invited me to attend an Certified Ethical Hacking course.  I actually had no idea that there was a “hacking certification” prior to her email.  I attended a free seminar with mile2 and loved it so much I decided to attend the whole course.  I was able to attend an Ethical Hacking Course which my company paid for.  I’ll be going for that cert. soon.

As an ISSA member you will have access to many information security jobs in the area and around the world.  Recently, one of my former co-workers (ISSA member) sent me information on an information security job in Baghdad.  For fear of being apart of a hostage reality show on Al Jazeera TV, I declined.  Would you decline a 300K/year job?  I must admit I think about it every now and then.  My co-worker actually took the job and is much braver than I am.

Discounts on events, seminars and training is another benefit of an ISSA member.  For
example, we are having a local Security+ training that will be held
this Saturday at Colorado Technical University and in May there will is
the SANS Rocky Mountain 2005 – Immersion Training which gives a price cut to all members. 

In my opinion, the best thing about the ISSA is the ability to network with like minded Information Security professionals.  In the local ISSA Chapter there is a meeting once a month with seminars and meetings that include speakers like Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP and representatives from companies like 3Com’s, TippingPoint.


            If you are an information security professional, you should definitely sign up.  Membership is free for 90 days to give you feel for the association (attend a meeting with your 90-day membership).  It
is $99.00 a year for ISSA membership and an additional $25.00 for the
Colorado Springs ISSA division (each local chapter has its own annual
fee).  Don’t be like me and wait a year to join.  The networking is worth your weight in gold or at least 300K/year in an exotic location.


Join at http://www.ISSA.org

Building a Network:
Seth Godin has a good post about building a network.

1 Comment on Why Information System Security Professionals Should Join the ISSA

  1. james blunt
    December 20, 2009 at 4:35 pm (9 years ago)

    ISSA is a great organization. In my opinion any time you can meet with like minded professionals and share your thoughts and ideas it is a good thing. It is great for networking and to meet and share ideas.


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