Resume Impact (part 1 of 2) keywords and impact

Mr. Eric Lee said, “Very informative and helpful video. Looking forward on the video for your tips on making a résumé. More power!”

What I have done with my résumé is to focus on content. I focus on two main things in the content:
1 – Impact statements
2 – Keywords in the industry

On the very top of the resume, I add my highest certification, and/or degree next to my name. This allows for an immediate impact because the employer sees that immediately.

I make sure that the employer or recruiter has a way to contact me by putting my email and/or phone number up top.

I place the title of the job I am going for as the title of the résumé so that the résumé is more of a statement of what I am going for rather than what I am currently doing. Normally, the title of the job I am going for and the one I am currently doing are different names for the same work.

I make sure that all my primary achievements are on the top of the résumé. If I have a huge amount of experience, a PHD, a certification, then I put that up top under my name for impact.

I put impact statements through out my job descriptions, so they can see what an effective worker I am.

I add keywords from my industry. For example, the keyword “DIACAP” is used exclusively in my career field, so I make sure I add that in the impact statement of my job descriptions.

What is equally important is to advertise the resume. Upload it to as many job sites and job search engines as you can (especially Linkedin).



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