Register the System with DoD IA Component

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Register the System with DoD IA Component

Each branch of the military has an IA component. Each of the US Armed Services have a division under their respective chief information officer’s responsible for all computers, communications and networks in a given military branch. These communications divisions will house the Information Assurance component responsible for the DIACAP tasks.

Table 1. DoD IA Components

DoD Branch Branch Communication & Information Service Branch IA Component
US Air Force Air Force Communication Agency (AFCA) AFCA/EVAssessment and Validators
US Army *Army NETCOM 9th Signal Corps Army NETCOM Information Assurance Office
Department of the Navy DON CIODON Information Management and Information Technology (IM/IT) DON SIAO

*more on Army NETCOM

Its important to get registered as soon as possible, because the DIACAP process (as with any certification & accreditation process) can take well over from six months to accomplish.

Role of the IA Component

Within the DIACAP Team, the IA Component’s role will likely be the “Certifying Authority” which is responsible for the final validation of security controls. This role is powerful in that it will determine whether or not the system is certified. The designated accreditation authority (DAA) listens the the recommendation of the CA. If the CA validates, the DAA will accredit. Also, the DAA can actually be within the IA Component, depending on the Mission Assurance Category (MAC) level (ref: USAF IT Lean/SISSU guidelines, this may differ within Army & DON).

IA Component’s IT Portfolio

DoD IT portfolio management (DoDD 8115.01) requires that each of the branches report to the DoD the status of IT systems.  Each branches IA Component has a Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS).  You will likely be tasked with entering your system into that database.  This is what is essentially meant by register the system with the DoD IA Component.

More on DoD IT portfolio management & eMASS

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