IEEE 802.20: Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) vs. WiMax

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802.20 was approved by the IEEE in
2002.  The Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Working Group has been
working on the project.

This 802.20 is a standard for “air interface” efficient packets that
will be affordable and across multiple vendors.  802.20 will
operate at 3.5 GHz at 1 Mbps. 

802.20 will allow you to cheaply use the Internet while on the
road.  This would be really great for long trips.  I can't
tell you how many times I've on the road wishing I had access to
Mapquest or Yahoo Maps.

802.20 WG Documents:

How is this different from WiMax?
Although WiMax (802.16e) is similar to MBWA in that it focuses on air
interfaces, WiMax will operate in the 2-6 GHz ranges versus MBWA's
3.5.  WiMax will cover a smaller area than 802.20.

WiMax Forum


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