Filipino Date Scammers

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“Necessity is the mother of all invention” so its no wonder that countries with unstable economic conditions and decent access to the Internet have an disproportionate number of scammers, liars, con artists and criminals online. Its all about survival.

This post is one man’s assessment of certain member’s of on dating site.

The dating site filipinocupid is full of desperate people. Some desperate for love, some for companionship, and some desperate for money… I am certainly that not talking about all the members on Filipino cupid. Its actually a great site with many great people to meet. But the level of desperation and online panhandling on the site is something that must be mentioned.

I ran across several types of people on the site:

Real ladies looking for real relationships: Typically, will not ask for money and will get PISSED if you compare them to other ladies who do that. They usually have a decent job and are doing alright for themselves. Sometimes they will have a degree or be a professional in some career field. This is certainly not always the case. They are usually looking for stability, companionship, love…

Desperate ladies: They are really in need of help and will say anything to get you to help them. There is no telling how they got in their situation or how much of what they are saying is the truth. Some will scam you and there is just no way of telling whether or not they are being truthful. Some of these ladies are ladies are desperate for stability.

Ladies Desperate for Stability: They might already have a relationship with a local filippino guy but they are not able to pay bills, not able to buy much food, and need support. They seek support with ANY western guy. They are not usually choosy. I am not saying there are not good women here. And I am not saying that its bad for them to want stability. You should just be aware of this… to make a good decision before you commit to anything.

Before you decide to play Mother Theresa, consider this:
1) If they are so desperate how do they have Internet services?
2) How do they afford the utilities and rent of the place they are in?
3) How do they have a computer?
4) How can they have a webcam?

Very Good Very Truthful ladies looking for a Long Term Relationship: If you find one, consider yourself lucky. The economic situation in the Philippines makes very difficult to be a good person when you are in real need of help. As of 2010, unemployment is high in many provinces and the wages for many jobs are really not much compared to western standards. So the good ladies here are not just good, they are the best in the world. Consider this: they are willing be good for the sake of being good ahead of their own real needs. These are REMARKABLE women.

Webcam girls: Aside from the very good honest ladies, Web cam girls are my favorite. They are about business. They want money and they are honest about it. They need to figure out who you are so they will flirt to see what you are after. They will then mention that they really need help with money. Then when the moment is right, they ask if you want to see them naked. Not all of them are scammers, but since its an honor based system, if you pay first, you have to realize that there is a chance you will never see them again. Yahoo Messenger is the instant messenger of choice.

Date Scammers: These are people that hang around dating sites to trick you out of your money. They put a false profile to draw people in. Once they are talking with you they will attempt to quickly gain your trust by being very nice or saying that they are from your area and wish they could get home. Sometimes they will just tell you how very desperate they are to eat (remember the 4 points listed above before playing Mother Theresa). To be perfectly honest, unless you get to know them of a long period of time or have it on good faith from someone else that they are who they say they are, you just don’t know. And you should not give them anything. In a perfect world it would be nice to help those in real need, but the truth is that their profile is not real, they just took several other people’s money and are laughing all the way to the bank.

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