Your Computer Has Serious Malware (SCAM)

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While surfing the web I ran into a site that gave me a SCAM pop-up.  If you receive this pop-up or other like it, DO NOT call the number.  Do not install anything.  Just get out of the website.  Close the browser if you have to.  This is a common tactic.  Scammers try to use fear to get you to do what they want.

Windows Firewall Warning:
Your computer has a serious virus!
If you see this message, you call Microsoft Windows
Support at 1-877-684-9719 (Toll-Free) immediately.


  1. Your credit card details and banking information.
  2. Your e-mail password and other passwords.
  3. Your Facebook, Skype and other chat logs
  4. Your Private photos and sensitive files.
  5. Your Webcam could be accessed remotely by stalkers.

Technicians are standing by to provide you FREE
DIAGNOSIS & Priority assistance removing this virus
from your computer.

internet fraud

internet fraud

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