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One of my wordpress blogs got hacked.  I was notified by google

I was apprehensive about accessing the site from my computer so i checked it out from my smartphone.  I figured most current malware attempts to download and install on windows systems, but are usually not smart enough to infect two different platforms (windows AND android).  The site seemed fine, but I am sure there is something wrong.  So I logged into the server.  The dates look a little suspcious but I the actual php files looked find.

I noticed a pattern with the dates that the files were access.  I am seeing scores of files/folders that have been “touched” and have the same date/time stamp Nov 22, 2015 12:00.  You only see that many files changed at once when a script does it.  I focused on those files and I can see that MOST of the Nov 22 1200 date/time stamps are on ONE plugin:   plugin GroupDocs.  I look at the error log:

INFO Started brute forcing.

INFO checking: drinkmusiccity.com, david, david
INFO checking: farmofpeace.com, salima, salima
INFO checking: fayjames.com, fay, fay
INFO checking: fantasyassembly.com, kevin-j, kevin-j
INFO checking: fionaraven.com, fiona, fiona
INFO checking: fishinglakes.com, Colby, Colby
INFO checking: firetown.com, firetown, firetown
INFO checking: fontainetours.com, claudia, claudia
INFO checking: foreverboundadoption.org, designteam, designteam
INFO checking: fotoparisberlin.com, amelie, amelie
INFO checking: frabonisdeli.com, bennett-fraboni, bennett-fraboni
INFO checking: freeloveforum.com, anne, anne
INFO checking: funkatech.com, incyte, incyte
INFO checking: futurist.com, brenda-cooper, brenda-cooper
INFO checking: futebolnas4linhas.com, ingrid-carvalho, ingrid-carvalho
INFO checking: freedomnewton.com, pastorc, pastorc
INFO checking: k-bell.co.jp, kohei, kohei
INFO checking: katrinakaif.co.uk, harish, harish
INFO checking: kcfw.de, c-mohr, c-mohr
INFO checking: kazu.co.nz, staff, staff
INFO checking: keneally.com, samcniotktaetl, samcniotktaetl
INFO checking: keratoconus.com.au, jim, jim
INFO checking: fundacjadantian.com, fundacjadantian, fundacjadantian
INFO checking: kibi-group.com, kibi, kibi

I look up the plugin GroupDocs.  I has had a MAJOR compromise:


It is being used as a backdoor into WordPress.  Honestly, I don’t remember even installing it.  I am not sure if it came with the theme I installed or what.  I start checking all more other blog’s plugins.  I don’t see it any where else.  Upon further inspection of the plugin, I can clearly see the PHP backdoor code:

sending: {
  "type" : "WPBF_RESPONSE",
  "linkPasses" : [
      "site" : "farmofpeace.com",
      "user" : "salima",
      "pass" : "salima"

      "site" : "i-entertainment.co.uk",
      "user" : "nicolai2014",
      "pass" : "nicolai2014"

      "site" : "020haopai.com",
      "user" : "siteadmin",
      "pass" : "siteadmin"

      "site" : "zargarcarpet.com",
      "user" : "akeel",
      "pass" : "akeel"

      "site" : "haubstadtsommerfest.com",
      "user" : "joeyconti",
      "pass" : "joeyconti"

Starting brute forcing WordPress
CURRENT TIME: 2015-11-20 15:47:06
CURRENT TIME: 2015-11-20 15:47:37
CURRENT TIME: 2015-11-20 15:48:08
CURRENT TIME: 2015-11-20 15:48:39
Child dead. Reading response: 
Done. read: 0 bytes

The Fix Action:

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