WIMAX/3G Geek out

I must admit, I’m geeking out over WIMAX. WiMAX stands for the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It will allow 70Mb/second upload and download which will allow for some pretty decent prawn video. So you’ll be able to go to youpawn and watch all kinds of prawn. There is an even better technology called 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) on the way with is another improvement on the 3G stuff that is already out and marketed.

What is frustrating is that WiMAX will likely have the same level of control that 3G has. It will be tamed and completely corporate run. I plan on getting the new iPhone on 11 July 2008. After seeing the iPhone upclose I started to feel funny in my underpants. Iphone + 3G should shock my WiMAX arousal into erectile dysfunction.

It’s all about the killer app. If the big dogs pushing WiMAX (Nortel/Alvarion & Sprint/peon) can come up with a device that allows you to bypass XXX ass Comcast, AT&T and other broadband monopolies they will seriously shake up the market. WiMAX, 3G and others should be in the business of creating devices, drivers and software that allow you to network all of your systems from anywhere in the contiguous United States. That would be very cool. But they seems to have serious limitations (at least in the US).

Jun 11, 2008 (Hugin via COMTEX) —-Joint End-to-End WiMAX Solution Will Offer Operators Broader Coverage and More Capacity

TORONTO, ONTARIO and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL–(Marketwire – June 11, 2008) – Nortel(1) (TSX: NT: 9.13, +1.02, +12.57%)(NYSE: NT: 9.13, +1.02, +12.57%) and Alvarion(2)(R: 66.46, -1.77, -2.59%) Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR: 7.97, +0.46, +6.12%) entered into a joint strategic WiMAX agreement to create an end-to-end WiMAX solution to meet the needs of the evolving wireless broadband market. The Nortel and Alvarion mobile WiMAX solution is expected to combine industry-leading technologies from both companies to allow operators around the globe – including well-established service providers and new entrants to the wireless market – to simply and efficiently deliver high-speed wireless broadband for a variety of applications, mobile or nomadic, including VoIP, streaming music, and HD video.

The joint solution features the integration of Alvarion’s advanced radio access network technology, which has been proven in over 200 commercial WiMAX deployments, with Nortel’s core network solutions, backhaul solutions, applications such as Nortel’s number one carrier VoIP solution, and Nortel Global Services for WiMAX.. The Nortel and Alvarion WiMAX solution will allow operators to offer high speed wireless Internet access across large areas, including those currently underserved by broadband capabilities. The joint WiMAX solution will also provide the speed and capacity to help operators meet the exploding demand for true mobile broadband.


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