What Do You Love? (by google)

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Google has a search tool call “What do you love?” You type in whatever you “love” and it gives you results of books, video, emails, products and items related to what you typed in.

I am a HUGE fan of Google despite my fear of the organization potential power and inevitable growth into our personal lives. So I type in something I love.. SEX.

And it gave me kittens. WTF
Why does google hate sex? I don’t get it.
The only thing better than Google would be a Google that does not wuss out about sex and porn because it might offend people. Google is pretty strict on pornography.

They recently got tough on religions. They recently removed churches from their non-profit list. I guess Google allows non-profits the ability to get Google Ads free! Which shows some sort of backbone although some religious organizations are incredible (and REAL non-profits) so I hope they don’t to secular on that decision.

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