Weaponized Hacking

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

This is not your momma hacking. This is militarized hacking, Pentagon style. It is state funded with the intent of allowing the killing of people and the breaking of things.

“U.S. Defense Department officials were so impressed with the level of coordination between ground military ops and cyberattacks against strategical targets during the recent conflicts, that they are now looking for ways to weaponize hacking. Aviation Week glanced at such a device and reports that it is being designed to be easily used even by non-techy soldiers.”

Welcome to the neo-CyberArms race! Where uncontrollable cyber weapons that can turn off cities and detonate public utility plants with the touch of a button! This is not the beginning of a William Gibson novel, this is not the synopsis of Snow Crash, or the theme of a cyberpunk trilogy this is reality… virtual reality.

On a serious note, I think China has already weaponized hacking. Hopefully, this is not the first time the US has thought about this.

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