Wardriving Tools

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Great site that lists the best software for finding and decrypting wireless AP's.

Morality of Wardriving tools.
I do not personally wardrive but I think it is a great way to do an
assessment of the security of your area.  I know some people
wardrive just to find a free spot to surf.  This is the equivalent
to walking up to every door in your neigborhood and twisting the knob
to see if the door is unlocked.  Then walking in and watching
cable on their couch and eating popcorn.  It is not right. 
And I can not pretend that it is.

Privacy of Publically dispensed Wireless Data
But at the sametime, having a wireless service and NO security is like
having a house with no walls.  How can there be a crime or theft
of data and service when the data and service is spilling out freely
into the air like a public water fountain. 

Paying for Service and then serving it to the Public
I pay for the water service at my house so if anyone else walks into my
yard to use my water hose they are wrong.  But if I put that same
hose into a nearby public park and turn it on, how guilty is anyone
going to feel about taking a sip or splashing their face with it?

So if you feel strongly about people NOT wardriving and not stealing
service than do something about it.  I think that wardriving will
dry up when the masses finally get wind of wireless security, until
then “Surfs up.”

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