USAF Enterprise Information Technology Data Repository (EITDR)

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The EITDR is a database controlled and managed by AFCA/EV. It includes information on most UNCLASS USAF IT systems. All data is uploaded from the EITDR into the Department of Defense Information Technology Profile Registry (DITPR) to meet Federal Information System Management Act requirements.

The DIACAP process is only a small part of what the data collected in the EITDR. The system is used to keep track of new acquisitions, new major DoD mandate compliance, program management and system engineering documentation.

EITDR maintains the Security, Interoperability, Supportability, Sustainability and Usability (SISSU) of all applicable systems. This process lists all DIACAP IA Controls. Stakeholder’s in the DIACAP Process (DIACAP Team) must be selected in order to access the SISSU process.

In the EITDR SISSU Phases are broken into Define Need, Design, Build and Test and Sustain And Release.   The questions are put into the following disciplines: Security, Interoperability, Supportability/Sustainability and Usability.  The IA Component (AFCA/EVSS) is responsible for validating & approving the Security phase.  All the other disciplines Validators and Approvers are chosen by the agency registering the system.  

 The EITDR allows stakeholders to set milestones and put the system through each phase of the DIACAP process. It also allows the producer to automatically create POA&Ms, System Identification Profile, DIACAP Implementation Plan and DIACAP Scorecard.

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