Unpair Ring Video Door Bell Attach to New Wifi Network

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

We had some issues with the Ring Video Door bell. When someone came to the door or rang the door bell it would take a long time to respond.

Since we have more than one Wifi, the issue was that the Ring Video Door bell was paired with the wifi that was furthest away. This was causing a slow response. So I needed to do the following to fix it:
1 – Detach the Video Door bell from the front door.
2 – Remove the device from the Ring App (unpair)
3 – Pair the Device again & Hit the orange button on the Video Door bell
4 – Choose the new Wifi connection
5 – Test our the Video Door bell & reattach it to the door

Bonus: Apply all the old settings to the video door bell via the app.


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