'the Screen Savers' is Dead.

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The new show is called Attack of the Show (ATOS).  They don’t talk about computer security much or moding a computer like the old Screen Savers.  Its like they took TechTV’s old show Fresh Gear merged it with Screen Savers and added a band and more focus on games. 


I don’t know what kind of marketing statistics drove the folks at G4 to do it but they have left a vacuum.  Although I am blind with fury about the change, I can see how AOTS has a place.  They are trying to appeal to a larger audience.  But in its wake they have left behind all the true geeks who want to know how to dual boot Red Hat and Window 2003.  There is a large market that wants more content on nothing but cool computer hacks. 


Luckily, the old crew from Screen Savers are still giving the same level of content (if not more) to their loyal geek underground that has been quietly stewing and gnashing of teeth on blogs and forums across the Internet. 


List of the old crew:

Kevin Rose


Alex Albrech


Leo Laporte (shameless book promos)

Dan Huard



Kat Schwartz (she’s cute) doing podcasts somewhere??



But there is a happy ending here.  Krose, Dan Huard, “Switcherman”  and crew are developing a show called Systm that is supposed to have as much content as the Screen Savers.  And for the truly hard core – Defcon – hacker-wanna-be's there is thebroken.

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