Telus phishing mail

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From – reader

I received a suspicious email last February 20,2015.

This was the email address  : Shannon Micah <> .
We are a  specialized agency in (Global) Customer  Service  Research.
We are starting a big research project in the USA.There is no charge to join us and this project takes place every month. You will get Usd 2OO per each assignment.
Payment check will be a certain amount that you will be required to cash your bank, deduct your wages then have the rest used for evaluation.- DESCRIPTI0NS_______
* You will be assigned to visit a shop.
* You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share with us your customer experience.- REQUIREMENTS_______
* 19 Years old or above.
* Can speak the local language well.
* Can read and write English.Give me your i.n.f.o for register.FullN.a.m.e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Phys. A.d.d.r.e.s.s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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