information security salary

information systems security salary

information systems security salary

information systems security salary

Information system security salary is usually above average within the IT career field, but what salary you get will vary.  The main factors affecting information systems security salary are experience level, title/position, credentials.

Also, the term “information systems security” is very broad.  As information technology has gotten more complex and diverse, it has broken into sub-specializations within specializations.  For example, within information system security there are engineers, analysts, information system security officers, information system security managers, architects and many others.

The words “engineer”, “analyst”, “specialist” and others are thrown around a lot, but can really mean anything as far as what you end up doing so its best to look at the description of the position and talk to those doing the hiring.  Information system security managers have the potential for the highest amount.  For engineers and analysts it depends on the complexity of the work.  Architects can sometimes make as much or more than even a manager.  An information system security architect knows so many aspects of technology, that they usually are in charge of the security vision of an organization or business unit.

So to figure out the salary of an information system security professional you will really have to know the specifics of the job.

One of the best places to go to look up salaries of a position is and  Glassdoor is an incredible site featuring anonymous people that give information on their pay, the environment, the interview process and ratings of the company.

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