Most popular Credit Card Fraud auctions

Most popular credit card fraud eBay auctions:

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The Credit Card Debt Survival Guide

The Credit Card Debt Survival Guide
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The Credit Card Debt Survival Guide

Do-It-Yourself Credit Card Debt Settlement Secrets
New for 2010. Complete guide for Do-It-Yourself Credit Card Debt settlement, without the need for hiring a debt settlement company.
Do-It-Yourself Credit Card Debt Settlement Secrets

Credit Card-Fraud

Criminals got a new trick. Look how you can protect yourself from being ripped off. Are you a victim of credit card scam? Share your experience on
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Retailers often do not check IDs or signatures. Credit card companies do not require merchants to check IDs either. Not signing your card voids your contract. Credit Card Fraud Made Easy

remove a name from mailing lists

Remove from Credit Card and Insurance Mailing Lists

The Fair Credit Reporting act of 1997 allows for consumers to stop unsolicted credit card & insurance offers. It puts more responsibility of customer privacy on the business that collected the sensitive data in the first place.

In order to use the strength of the law you must take action. Write or call the credit bureaus and request removal of your name and address from those lists. Here are the credit bureaus’ contact information:

Trans Union
P.O. Box 736
Springfield, PA 19064-0736
Telephone: (800) 680-7293

Experian (used to be TRW)
P.O. Box 949
Allen, TX 75013
Telephone: (800) 353-0809

P.O. Box 105139
Atlanta, GA 30374-5139
Telephone: (800) 556-4711

Once you make the request they have 5 days to notify all national credit agencies. Your name will then be dropped from their mailing list for two years.

Remove your name from mailing lists permanently

To remove your name from mailing lists permanently ask the credit bureau to send you an “election form.”

To receive a credit report contact the following:

Experian (formerly TRW)
(800) 682-7654

(800) 685-1111

Trans Union
(800) 916-8800

To Stop “Junk Mail”

Contact the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Mail Preference Service
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale NY 11735-9008

Telephone Preference Service (telemarketing)
PO Box 9014
Farmingdale NY 11735-9014

With a request (written) your name will by removed from their mailing lists.

I’m not sure there is a way to remove your name from all email mailing lists at once. But one thing you want to NOT do is put your email address on a website. If you want customers to get to your via email but don’t want the spam and scams that come with, use a contact form or something like this – this makes it so spam emails can’t automatically grab your email from the Internet, a common spammer tactic.