scam Chris and Colin Weir -Donat​ion*SCAM

Beware of the email scam going around that falsely uses the name of famous EuroMillion winners, Chris and Colin Weir.
Remember, if it sounds too good the be true it probably is.  If Chris and Colin Weir did donate money it would not be via an email asking you for you contact information.
Here is the email below***********************************************************************

With Great Honor, the family of  Chris and Colin Weir announces

their donation of 800,000.00 Great British Currency to you. Send
Mobile #—–

Congratulation to you.


The real story of of Chris and Colin Weir:

chris colin donation

chris colin donation

But the First Minister did suggest the Prime Minister would be in a “difficult position” if it was judged he did not “try his hardest” in the campaign.

The comments came after it emerged the pro-independence side had received £2.5 million in the past year from EuroMillions lottery winners Chris and Colin Weir.

Both campaigns also claimed a new poll showed the momentum was with them.

In a radio interview, Mr Salmond refused to say that Mr Cameron would have to resign if he became the prime minister who presided over the breakup of the Union.

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Anticipated & Urgent Response God’s Good New’s *SCAM*

From The Desk Of :Mr.Michael Davis.
Law Chambers Of Nigeria
Plot 245 Adeolu Hope wall Street
Victoria Island Lagos-Nigeria
Private Email

Dear Friend,

I presume this letter will come to you as a surprise, but as things
unfold, we will know each other better. I will start by introducing me to
you. My name is Barrister Michael Davis a solicitor at law.

I am writing in respect of a foreigner Engineer Worley R., who happens to
be my client an oil merchant and contractor who perished in a plane crash
of 31st October 1999[WITH EGYPTIAN AIRLINE 990] with other passengers

Since the demise of my client I personally have searched with keen
interest to see the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has
come to claim his funds of US$35.5m (Thirty Five Million Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollar) and all the relevant documents in the bank
has no record of any next of kin. On this note, I decided to seek for whom

his name shall be used as his next of kin so I have contacted you to
assist in repatriating most especially, the money left behind by my client
before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where
the huge deposits were lodged.

Particularly, the Central Bank Nigeria Plc where the deceased had an
account valued at about USD 35.5 million dollars has issued me a notice to
provide the Next of kin, or have the account confiscated.

I seek your consent to present you as the Next of kin of the deceased, I
need somebody who is trustworthy and willing to assist me gets the funds
transferred. Which the account which my late client operates is valued at
Usd35.5 million dollars can be paid to you, as my clients Next of Kin, and
then we can share the amount on a mutual agreed percentage.

All legal documents to back up your claim as the deceased Next of Kin will
be provided. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing
this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law and you
should endeavor to keep it confidential.

Please get in touch with me at ( to enable us
discuss further

about this transaction.

Mr.Michael Davis.

Nigerian Dating Scams: the eHarmony story, Damon A. Basinas

I just wanted to share my eHarmony experience with the world so that unsuspecting single women can be alert to this kind of dating scam. This scam was pretty smooth…to an extent. It didn’t work on me but I don’t want anyone to fall for it.

Here’s the story. I was a member of eHarmony and was matched to a nice man with similar interests, etc. We went through the eHarmony process and eventually started open communication on our own. We communicated through email, yahoo messenger, and later by phone. This process took months. He said he lived in Tampa and had a little boy. His wife had died tragically during childbirth. This man claimed to be a vet who worked as an independent contractor for the World Animal Health Organisation. He had just recently moved to Tampa he said. He said he was Greek but went to college in England. I live on a farm and know a lot about animal health, plus I am scientist currently working in the health care industry. I am educated and somewhat bright.

He was a very sweet guy…sent some nice pictures of himself and his son, said all the right things, wrote a lot–he played his part well. I was skeptical though for the following reasons: he began most of his correspondence when he was “out of the country on assignments”. The first “job” he spoke of was in England. I asked about his son and school and he said that he hired tutors wherever he went to educate his child during these trips because he couldn’t stand to be without him. I thought this odd since that would be extremely expensive and a difficult way to raise a child. How would this child receive credit for his education from multiple countries? hmmmm; next for a person with an advanced education it seemed his English, spelling, writing, etc. were quite poor. Now we all get sloppy during instant messaging and emailing but this was worse than expected; when asked about his job specifics he was vague–the connection would be lost, he didn’t answer or his answers were kind of “off”. I have a farm with horses, chickens, cats and dogs, I know a lot about animal health and had some questions for him and his answers were not as expected. I also received vague information on the organization he worked for; he said he had his main residence in London, England…was still in the process of getting set up in Tampa Florida.

Suddenly, he had a job in Nigeria– vaccinating an endangered species of peacock? The “reserve” was just outside of Lagos…scam city. He was charming and very attentive. Talked a good game. Claimed to be in love with me (how you can be in love with someone you never met over the internet, I’ll never know). Wanted to give me the world. Too good to be true. He even started to call. Once from England and then from Nigeria. He had somewhat of an English accent mixed with something else…the connections were always bad and he was difficult to understand. It was hard to hold a conversation. That and the time difference… we mostly stuck to email and chatting. He did make it more realistic by having a child talking and laughing in the background during one of his calls (his “son”). I wasn’t entirely convinced he was real but it he had me going to an extent. I wanted very much for him to be real. He asked me to send him something personal so he “could feel closer to me”. He wanted my iPod filled with all my favorite music or a digital camera so he could share his experiences with me (he can afford tutors but not a digital camera???. He gave me the hotel “address” to send the package too. It was a PO Box. I sent a package. It contained a little gift I had made (nothing of value) and a handwritten letter. He kept asking me what I had sent and I said it was a surprise–surprise sucker, nothing of value here.

The Nigerian thing bothered me. I started surfing the net and read about all the scams. His project seemed to take weeks. He had every excuse. He never gave much detail. I waited for the “big emergency” to come up that would lead him to ask me for money. I hoped it wasn’t true but I knew it was going to happen.

After nearly a month it happened. He claimed to have made medical mistake administering the vaccine to the rare birds. He said he made a dosage error. I asked him the specifics and sadly he didn’t know enough to answer my questions correctly. I know a lot about vaccines and birds. He claimed about 150 birds became ill because of his error and he was panicked because his career was at stake. He said he talked the reserve workers into staying quiet about this while he “contacted someone in China to request a medication that would make them better.” At this point, it was a huge joke but I kept up my side to see where it went. So sure enough, he kept quiet for a few days to make me worry a little, then told me he had sent almost all his cash to China for this medication–which much to our relief saved all of the fictional birds! Amazing! Now, however, he was broke. He had almost no money. He saved his career and reputation but he was in trouble. Couldn’t pay his hotel bills, food, transportation…what a mess. He at first claimed there were no banks (Lagos is a huge city–the commercial/industrial hub of Nigeria EVEN my bank has a branch there!) I pointed out that that couldn’t be true and then he broke down and “confessed” to me that he didn’t have any freed up cash in his London account…all of his money was in stocks and bonds! REALLY? I WAS SHOCKED! Even his credit card was no good…he had it canceled because of illegal activity (probably his). He said he didn’t have time to get a new one and besides he said “I’m in a third world country, no one takes credit cards here”. Wow, in a city of that size? Horrible. BTW, the hotel he gave me didn’t check out right. The address he gave didn’t match the address on the internet and it wasn’t in the right area of Nigeria. What could I do? He then asked for a “loan”. I told him at first I couldn’t pay but later decided I wanted to get as much info as I could from him so I could post it on every web site I could find. So I wrote a sweet letter saying I was so worried for him that I asked to borrow the money from a family member and wanted to get it to him as soon as possible. What did I need to do? He wrote back and ask for $1000 to be wired via Western Union (sound familar?). I claimed I was worried about that (gee no banks but we have Western Union hmmm)and would feel more comfortable sending the money directly to the hotel– what was that address and phone number? A phony address was given but not a phone number. He “couldn’t find it and would have to give it to me later.” I insisted that I needed it to properly send the package. Then he said “he was going to be too busy with lectures and meetings to keep a watch for it at the hotel and that I maybe should just send it to his driver (a man he has known only for a month?)” I argued that was unwise but then later asked for that name and address. I’m waiting for that to be emailed. He wanted to know when the money would be sent. I said in a few days. Then connection was lost again and I couldn’t finish my conversation. I’m not sure I’ll hear back from him now. I think he knew I was on to him. Anyway, here is what he has given me so far. I’ll bet he has 10 other women going on this same story as we speak!

Damon A. Basinas
Age: 41 birth date 08/12/67
Son: Milo birth date 08/10/2000

Cell Phone: 234-803-347-4079

London Address:
136 Gilbourne Road
Plumstead, London SE18 7NX

Nigerian PO Box 3537
Apapa, Lago Nigeria

Nigerian Hotel:
WhiteLeaf Hotel & Suites
14 Devon Drive
Ikeja, Engu Lagos Nigeria
(this isn’t the hotel address)

Email address:

Western Union site:
Enugu Nigeria

Other Info:
I have pictures too of some good looking man with a cute kid. Says he was educated at Yorke (should be spelled York) University, England. Says he has three dogs and a place in Tampa Florida. Wife died in childbirth. Mother raised him on her own in Greece. Mother died of breast cancer in 1995. He moved to England for school in 1985. It just goes on.

So everyone, be careful! Don’t EVER send money. I will post an update if he gets back to me with any more info. but I doubt I’ll hear from him. I was duped to an extent but don’t feel bad because I didn’t fall for it or lose any money. He was a great actor but just not good enough. The only thing I lost was a little time and energy. I’m know others weren’t so lucky. I’m off now to post this EVERYWHERE I can LOL.

Good luck!

If you are looking for real relationships online, here are some good resources on how to make it happen!

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams


> From:
> Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 17:40:32 +0100
> TEL: +234-1-408-9418.
> Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/05,
> Attn:
> We apologize, for the delay of your payment and all the inconveniences and inflict that we might have indulge you through. However, we were having some minor problems with our payment system, which is inexplicable, and have held us stranded and indolent, not having the aspiration to devote our 100% assiduity in accrediting foreign contract payments. We apologize once again.
> From the records of outstanding contractors due for Payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria , your Name and company was discovered as next on the list of The outstanding contractors who have not yet received Their payments. I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Also be advised that because of too many contractors that I have to pay at this final quarter of the year.
> Five million seven hundred thousand us dollars (us$5.700, 000.00). We apologize for any inconvenience as a result of delay in transaction. Please kindly re-confirm to me the followings details to this email address:
> 1) Your full name.
> 2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
> 3) Company name, position and address.
> 4) Profession, age and marital status.
> 5) Your working Id/Int’l passport.
> As soon as this information is received, your payment will be made to you in a certified bank draft directly from Central Bank of Nigeria. You are advice to respond immediately as soon as you receive this letter for further discussion, Have a Blessed Day.
> Best Regards,

Subject: For your Consideration *SCAM*

Dear Friend ,

I am Mr john kofi, the chairman, contract award and tender committee of Economic community of west African States (Ecowas)with sub-head office in Accra Ghana. I got your contact during my search for a reliable person to entrust huge sum of money transfer project with. My colleagues and I involved in this project have Agreed to seek your mutual partnership into this huge Money transfer project.

We wish to transfer some money to your personal or company Account.This fund originated from over invoiced Contract bills awarded by us for the supply of pharmaceutical and Medical equipment to the ECOMOG Peacekeeping Mission In Liberia and Sierra-Leone civil wars. This over invoiced sum was deliberately hatched out and Carefully protected with all attendant lope holes Sealed off.The original executors of the contracts have been Duly paid through E.R.D.B (Ecowas Resources Bank) This over invoiced sum is suspended in an escrow account awaiting claims by any foreign person/company we may front as the owner. Based On the law and ethics of our service to Economic community of West African States, we as Civil servants are not allowed to operate a foreign Account.

You are offered 50% of the total sum as commission,50% will be held on trust for us.However note that if per-adventured there is any expenditures that is needed for the successful execution of this transaction,we shall share the burden. The project is expected to be completed within 7 days if you accord us maximum co-operation. We solicit for your unreserved confidentiality in this project. There is no risk involved.Call me upon the receipt of this mail for more details on the procedure if the need arises or you respond via email if you accept if you accept this proposal.Further information will be sent to you as soon I hear from you.

Thanks,Sincerely yours,
Mr john kofi.

Mr Prest Charles *SCAM*

WHOA! Google Mr. Prest Charles and you hit the MOTHERLODE of SCAM-tastic information!


Re: collection of fund ($9.6m) under special me here (

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself and I would like
to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to
you.My name is Mr Prest Charles,I work in executive capacity with CARGO
HANDLING & SECURITY TRUST COMPANY in London(UK) I joined the services of
this company in 1985. Idecided to contact you believing that you will become
my overseas Business assocaites in acquiring an investment placed under our
management more than seven (7) years ago.

I have worked with this company for over 20 years, within this period of
time I watched with meticulous precision on how Head of State and government
functionaries have been moving huge sums of money with the aid of their
foreign partners abroad. They bring in these consignment and declare the
content as jewelries, Gold, Precious Stones, Family Treasure,

These people have at one time or the other deposited consignments with us
and their foreign partners, relatives and Next of Kin are Claiming most of
these consignment and a lot more are laying here unclaimed for as much as 7
years, as no available
information to anybody except the depositors, and most of them are dead.
Since the inception of the year 2005,the
Management changed the procedure of claiming of consignments.As soon as you
are able to produce all the information as contained in the secret file of
the company as regard the consignment, it will be released
to you upon demand.

From our records, more than 10 consignments belonging to these people has
been claimed in the past six months and this is why I am seeking for your
co-operation and assistance to help execute this pending deal which has been
unclaimed for so long
as I know no one will ever come forward to claim it because the deceased
left no next of kin.The amount in question is very small compared to what my
office has sent overseas for this people.

I will provide all the documents needed for this purpose as I was the
account officer who handled most this transaction on behalf of this
client.For the release of the consignment, the company will invite you for
the collection, or you may insist that the consignment be delivered to you
instead. I hope to hear from you to enable me provide you with the complete
picture of this deal.

Funish me with the following:

Full Names/Mailing address/Telephone and fax numbers.
contact me here (
Expecting your urgent Response.

Mr Prest Charles