Subject: For your Consideration *SCAM*

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Dear Friend ,

I am Mr john kofi, the chairman, contract award and tender committee of Economic community of west African States (Ecowas)with sub-head office in Accra Ghana. I got your contact during my search for a reliable person to entrust huge sum of money transfer project with. My colleagues and I involved in this project have Agreed to seek your mutual partnership into this huge Money transfer project.

We wish to transfer some money to your personal or company Account.This fund originated from over invoiced Contract bills awarded by us for the supply of pharmaceutical and Medical equipment to the ECOMOG Peacekeeping Mission In Liberia and Sierra-Leone civil wars. This over invoiced sum was deliberately hatched out and Carefully protected with all attendant lope holes Sealed off.The original executors of the contracts have been Duly paid through E.R.D.B (Ecowas Resources Bank) This over invoiced sum is suspended in an escrow account awaiting claims by any foreign person/company we may front as the owner. Based On the law and ethics of our service to Economic community of West African States, we as Civil servants are not allowed to operate a foreign Account.

You are offered 50% of the total sum as commission,50% will be held on trust for us.However note that if per-adventured there is any expenditures that is needed for the successful execution of this transaction,we shall share the burden. The project is expected to be completed within 7 days if you accord us maximum co-operation. We solicit for your unreserved confidentiality in this project. There is no risk involved.Call me upon the receipt of this mail for more details on the procedure if the need arises or you respond via email if you accept if you accept this proposal.Further information will be sent to you as soon I hear from you.

Thanks,Sincerely yours,
Mr john kofi.

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