Spy on Co-workers, Spouse and Kids

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A personal note about monitoring: I spied on my wife and I’ll just say that there are somethings you may not want to know. Now, I know that a spouse and a child are totally different issues, I would just like you to realize the power of these tools. You must also take great care in making absolutely CERTAIN they don’t find out you are spying, because trust is sometimes impossible to get back. It can be like throwing gas on a candle flame. There are also tools that can counter the spying tools.

With all that being said: I’ve got two beautiful little girls and when they are old enough I will DEFINITELY spy on them. Its not so much my lack of trust on them, as it is my knowledge of predators on the Net.

Terms for you to know:

keylogger – software or device that monitors every key stroke. Used by parents, spouses, bosses and covert, subversive spying. Typically only for a local machine (you install it on a system then have to get on that machine to get the data off of it when they are gone.)

network keylogger – keylogger for every computer on a network managed from a primary computer. These are more expensive but can give real-time spying.

Stealth mode – keyloggers/spy software usually has a key stroke like Ctrl+Alt+6 that will allow you to make the application run completely undetected.


These tools range from 30-day free demos to $300 for some of the better tools. I won’t spend less than $29 dollars if you are not computer savy. There are $10 one that are created by independent hackers but you have to know computer well to use them.

Review of spy tools
(look through this list – look for fairly priced software that looks easy to use and have the ability to send information to you via network, email or share drive. If you can get the spy data when they go to school or work then you don’t need it emailed or networked.
Don’t worry about technical stuff, they will usually tell you exactly how to use it unless you get some 10 dollar product made for hackers.

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