Social Security Death Records

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Social Security Death Records
Looking for accurate social security death records and finding the accurate resources is not an easy task. There are many reasons behind the collection of these records that may differ from person to person. Sometimes the free information provided may not be accurate because records are not updated every time. One must have a clear understanding of social security death records and the various resources or index available for such information.

What is Social Security Death Records? Social Security death Records consist of information on a deceased person. This includes first and last name, date of birth, date of death, residential status and last known address. These records provide an overview for different surveys and meeting the personal requirements.

Why people want social Security Death Records? The reason behind searching these records differ from one person to another. Some people might need it for their personal reference to find their ancestor’s history or to find their lost friend. Another use of death records is for commercial purpose by different companies. These companies require these records for various surveys to find the accurate death rates. Some companies also keep this information with them to further provide it to different private and public sectors. Other purposes of maintaining these records is to prevent fraud so that no one can misuse the identity of a deceased person. This helps in decreasing criminal activities.

Which resources should concern people? There are millions of resources providing Social security death records. Here are few reliable resources to get information related to death records in the form of death index:
• Social Security Death Index- This is very reliable resource of US citizens that holds around 74 million records. This record provides with records of those person died after 1962. The death certificate issued includes a social security number for accurate identification. This allows one to indicate date of birth, place of birth and proper names of their ancestors. One can find this index over internet on searching on sites like to know the exact family history.
• Free Ancestry Search- Many companies are providing free online search for death records with a great sense of accuracy. One can search of for free search and obtaining better results.
• Death Records Search- One can take the help of online databases through links such as for valuable information. What one has to do is search according to the location and number provided.
• One can search on the following link by just entering the name of their ancestor. To obtain a healthy search try to make it location wise, this will help to get accurate results.

Unfortunately Social Security Records are often used in identity theft and fraud.

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