Social Network Phishing

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I was a victim of social network phishing. Someone got my password and started emailing my friends. This is the story of how it happened.

In 2008, I started working as a Internet cafe attendant. Believe it or not, computers and the Internet were still kind of new to me… I just had not used them much. I began learning more and more of all the things you can do via the Internet. On my free time, I started browsing online, used yahoo messenger and registered on friendster and

Later on I met guys and one of those sites. One in particular was named Mark from Europe. According to his profile picture, he Was good looking so I started getting interested of him. We exchanged emails on the site. Mark asked for my yahoo id. I gave it to him and started talking in yahoo messenger. While we are talking, he requested my webcam so I opened it to let him see how I look. When I asked him back to view his webcam, he had excuses and said his cam doesn’t work.

After some time of talking, he introduced a site telling me that he had an account there and that it is similar as where we met. He said that if I open the site then I will be able to see a picture of him there. He sent the link to me (I don’t recall the name of the site). When I opened it up it was requesting my email address and a password in sign up. So i told him this seem strange on why I have to sign up to see his picture. He said that that it is necessary to get access inside the site for his profile. So i typed my email address in it and a password. After that i still couldn’t get in to the site that he was sharing. When I put in all the information, the site didn’t seem to work. So I told him this. He said try again ‘darling’ because maybe you had some errors in typing the informations. So I again typed my email address and at that time ‘with the same password’ that i use from my email address. After the second try, a profile of another man showed up with personal informations about him ,a different descriptions and a different picture too of an Indian guy now.’ So I realized right away that he was fooling me. I got angry and told him that I knew that he was scamming me by using a fake profile on where we met. I told him and that ‘I dont like Indian people.

By that time, I told him to delete remove me from his contact list I will do the same. He kept buzzing and gone crazy apologizing to me.

The next day, I signed in on my yahoo id while I am at work. It suddenly signed me out. I was confused why it was happening. I signed in and tried many times and for a while i get signed out again. So I decided to make another yahoo id and added few yahoo ids of the people that i recall. I informed them that I am using the new one temporarily because it seems like my other id was messed up. Then one of my filipino friends was surprised and said that ‘she was talking to me a while ago’ and confused too why I kept asking her to signed up for some “strange site”. She had the idea in her mind that it wasnt me because while talking to our native language, the person who is pretending to be me would reply only in english and talks all about the site to convince her but she didn’t do it.

When i heard all of it. I had the answers already and it was not yahoo that was really messed up but there was someone that hacked my yahoo id’. I quickly checked my email, went to the “Account Settings”, change the password and it went back to normal again. Thankfully that i was able to retrieve it because I had important files there.

Its been a big lesson to me. Not to just talk to anyone who are totally strangers without even knowing them well first or seeing them.

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