Simon Fernandez Indian Con Artist

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I meet Simon on yahoo messenger. I was in the middle of chatting w my cousin who is in other country, when a message from a complete stranger pops up on YM. I was “Simone”.

His message said, “hi can you be my friend”. At first I disregard his messages but he continued to send message. Eventually, I start chat with him everyday. We introduced ourselves to one another and we became friends. We shared a lot of stories about family, life and everyday life. We talked everyday. After almost a month, we began to chat cam to cam.

He share a lot story about his life in India. He told me that the country is so poor that it has very little jobs and opportunity. He told me there is a lot of crime and a lot of robbery there.

For me it was very nice to talk to him. He made me laugh every time we talked each day. As time went on everyday talking to him, I had the feeling that he is more than my friend. He was my boyfriend. He seemed to care a lot. At the time, he was my the most special love since and I became so attached to him. He was so special in my life that I felt I would do everything he said. I would give him anything he wanted.

He ask for a little amount and I would find a way to give it to him cause I was so in love. He would tell me he needed money to chat with him in the Internet café. I would ask mom to send the money to him.

We do things that I will never forget. We were like a couple and we enjoyed every moment we had together on the web cam. We started to plan on seeing each other.

The plan was to meet at Manila Airport. I would fly from Cebu City in the Philippines and he would fly from India. Five days before the trip, I sent him money to get a plane ticket. I had saved up the money on my own just for him.

I was so excited to see him on that day. But when I arrive in manila, I waited for him the whole day. I waiting in the airport thinking maybe the flight was delayed from India to going here. I waited 24 hours at Manila airport. Simone did not show up. I checked the hotel we booked, I went to the café to check if he is online but he don’t get online anymore.

Onetime I catch him online but he did not responding my email. I felt like I was going crazy on that day. I didn’t know what to do. I want to die.

After that there was not a single night or day that I did not cry. I wanted to die. I felt I could rather die than live without him. I attempt to hurt my self. I tried to overdose on medicine. I felt everything is gone to me. My mom never left my side. She was there to cheer me up. It was months before I could move on. I was the first time I cried for love. The first time I would rather die than go on without love. He was my first and last love.

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