Shoot-out: Google's new VPN beta kicks the living Hell out of the EFF's Tor

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Speed test: Tor, sponsored by the EFF, and Google's new beta VPN are both aimed at those of us who want to protect our privacy and rights online. While Google claims that its VPN program is to boost security on wireless networks, it can also be used with wired internet connections to add some more security for the rest of us.

Once again Google uses incredible engineering to create something that may just become number one yet another area of IT.  Google Adsense is doing so well that Yahoo and MSN are testing out similar content relevant ad scripts. 

Tor looks like it is much more secure that the Google implementation.  I mean VPN is pretty secure but Tor is ridiculously secure in that it uses software that uses each system it connects to as a seperate VPN which encrypts traffic at each point.  This makes the traffic very difficult (if not impossible to track) as EFF stores none of that data.  Google will hold the traffic data but claims that the data will be “personally unidentifiable” which means it can not be tracked back to any one person (at least that is how I understand it).

But I wonder what this VPN wireless project could mean in terms of practical use.  Will Google deploy in at Starbucks and Borders Book stores around the world?

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