security vs. liberty

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Ben Franklin“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” – Ben Franklin

Security is important, but it should be done in wisdom not only fear and paranoia lest we forsake everything we seek to protect.

The military is a good example of security versus liberty.

A U.S. military installation is one of the most secure places you can be in. Depending on the resources therein, there can be fencing around the installation, mobile forces, and only a few active entry points. Entry points are controlled by armed guards, barriers, and sometimes even machine guns and “man traps”. Only authorized personnel may enter and even “authorized personnel” can only enter certain areas once on the base. The installation is controlled by the base commander whose laws are MUCH more strict on the base. Entering the base means you give up things like the right to protest. You can be searched at anytime and you can be shot for going certain places… such as the flightline. All in all, it is the safest place to be in the event of civil unrest off base because on base there are law enforcement, security forces, and back up ready reserve forces capable or mobilizing in a matter of minutes.

All the security, with very, very controlled liberties. Such a controlled environment requires very controlled personnel.

This is why as a security professional I understand what it means to have more security and lose liberties. Although many Americans are willing to give up some liberties for more National Security, I fear that most don’t really realize how much they are really giving up. Perhaps the bigest loss is privacy and in this day and age personal data has become our most valuable asset. No one is going to protect it like you. Certainly not the government. It is such a large entity that it can only summarize you and your family into numbers, statistics.

U.S. servicemen and women are numbers and statistics to the federal government. They are (to some extent) owned by the federal government while serving under oath. Their dedication includes their life, if service calls for it. They service is no trivial event. All the more reason liberty must be preserved… to honor the sacrifices of a few. True American patriotism is the preservation of every remaining freedom at any cost.

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