Security Issues May Be a High Priority for Internet 2

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Security is one of the main focuses on Internet2. But realistically:

Security and transparency can be
expected in any future network. But computer experts like to remind the
public that there is no such thing as a completely bug free computer
except, as the joke goes, “one that is encased in concrete and sitting
at the bottom of the ocean.”

Some might say it is impossible to secure Internet2.  In some ways
I would say that they were correct.  Or let me put it this way, it
could be secured but I couldn't really be called the Internet any
more.  I guess if they did something like in which all systems
were connect with Peer to Peer VPN connections like Tor connections in
which all data is encrypted and digitally signed.  I suspect that
eventually even the encryption would get cracked  since all crypto
eventually meets its processor match.

It could be called the CryptoNet!  Anyone logging on would have to
sign on with a digital signature stored on some sort of Certifing
Authority (CA).  Of course, this would make it possible to do
MITM, man in the middle, attacks unless it was an enclave network in
which ALL nodes with IPs had to have a digital signature.

Such an implementation would greatly reduce the speed of connection but
would give incredible nonrepudiation, confidentiality, and
integrity.  The availability would suffer big time.

Frankly, a “CryptoNet” would only be good for all the important
transactions such as banks, hospitals and time sheets.  I would
not want something like that for 95% of what I do on the Internet.

Does anybody have any information on how I can get the hook up on “testing” the Internet2?

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