Security+ Instructor: Communications Security domain

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Today, I did my first certification lecture.

As I think about how many common public speaking mistakes I made out of nervousness, it makes me laugh. I repeated things like “um”, “and what not”, “that kind of stuff”. I studdered and stammered.

I did my best so I still feel good about what I did. It is actually volunteer work for the local ISSA chapter as well as a way to get “CPEs” or Continued Professional Education points toward my CISSP certification (have to get 120 in the course of 3 years).

It was actually a really good refresher course for me. I love helping people so it was a pleasure to put out some helpful material to fellow Information Security professionals, but I need to get better at public speaking.

Our local Information System Security Association Chapter here in the Springs puts on certification classes a few times a year for Comptia Security+ and the CISSP. I hope that they eventually drum up enough interest for certified ethical hacker course.

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