SAP security audit programs

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SAP- Increasing Demand by Increasing Efficiency

Systems, applications, Products (SAP) is a security auditing program that checks a computer systems data integrity and overall security. This application is accompanied by a user interface that is highly flexible. SAP security audit programs were introduced in the 1980s and provides the best audit resources for major companies and industry leaders.

In SAP, audit security is the foremost requirement enabling access control and separation of duties. These two areas are very important for the integration of control mechanisms. A company must plan prior to implementing SAP to obtain better access and a clear understanding of the system. This includes proper design of profile and removal of surplus IDs. Security audit programs includes many audit procedures that are designed to efficiently access a variety of transactions.

The main administrative function of SAP security Audit Programs includes automatic scheduling of jobs according to different user IDs, monitoring errors, administering backdrop session and access to proper management functionality. As far as security settings are concerned, SAP system audit program helps to execute online programs using different procedures and maintenance of different tables. This allows access to maintain different profile parameters including password and security of default user IDs. SAP system audit programs also allow locking of sensitive codes of transactions and execution of OS commands externally.

The SAP system audit program contains different audit procedures showing steps to extract useful information from a system. Some system audit program resources are highly beneficial and include audit programs for financial accounting, audit programs for basic security, audit programs for Fixed Asset, audit programs for expenditures, audit programs for treasury, audit programs for inventory management, audit programs for HR & payroll and audit programs for revenue. Companies using SAP applications can create different software packages to meet their key objectives. This application is assembled in such a way that allows each department of an organization to get integrated.

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