Reporting internet fraud- virus

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Me and my husband were browsing through websites on flippa. We were planning to buy a cooking site as a new website but did not want to  build all the information from scatch. As we were browsing, we found a cooking site for sale that is under bidding. We contacted the seller and ask for how much is the final price he is asking for his website.  It sounded like a great deal for us and we were interested in buying.reporting-internet-fraud However, the website or hosting service had a pop up that looked like malware.  The popup would not allow you to get out of the website without shutting down the browser.  We told the seller about this malicious popup. He insisted that it was the hosting service. We tried to go there many times to scan the articles if any of it is original. Not that there is no unique content and all copied, but  everytime we attempted of browsing the website the pop up and at one point we had to restart the computer. Needless to say we did not buy the website.


The virus voice says:

Important Security Message. Call the Number provided as soon as possible. You will be guided for the removal of the adware spyware virus on your computer. Seeing this Pop-ups means that you have a virus installed on your computer which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk.  It is strongly advice that you call the number provided and get your computer fix before you do any shopping online.


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