WEBINAR: GSA, DHS, NIST on personal mobile security, THU 11/10 (CPEs)

Securing and managing agency mobile apps.
WEBINAR, THU 11/10, Complimentary, CPEs

This important video webinar will explore how mobile apps
rapidly expand in agency networks and how agency experts
limit security risks while they manage mobile Web devices
to drive agency productivity and mission achievement.


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The Framework for Mobile Security in Government

DATE: THU 11/10
TIME: 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT
DURATION: 1 hour
CPE: 1 CPE from the George Washington University,
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
COST: Complimentary

– JON JOHNSON, Enterprise Mobility Team Manager, GSA

– VINCENT SRITAPAN, Program Manager, Cyber Security
Division, DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate

– JOSHUA FRANKLIN, Information Security Engineer, NIST

– JOHNNY OVERCAST, Director of Government Sales, Samsung
Electronics America

– TOM TEMIN, Host and Managing Editor, The Federal Drive,
Federal News Radio 1500 AM

PRESENTED BY: WTOP, Federal News Radio, FedInsider News,
and The George Washington University Center for
Excellence in Public Leadership

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Passive Income with my24hourincome (part 1)

Thank you Lu+Toiya for introducing me to an amazing, life changing system created by visionaries Drew Burton and Faheem Rajput.*

I met this crazy couple on Youtube who introduced me to something that that changed the direction of my life, career and goals. What a blessing! It is called my24hourincome and it is a revenue sharing program.

I thought this was an MLM or Network marketing but it is not. Revenue sharing is the distribution of profits and losses between stakeholders. Apparently, this is a thing! It is going to be a really big thing. You have to try it to see for yourself the growth potential.

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remote worker - i work from home equipment

remote workers – Equipment

For all remote workers and future remote workers, here is an example of the equipment that I use when working from home.

– High-speed Internet (Xfinity)
– Laptops (3)
– Extra monitors (3)
– Color Laser printer


Unpair Ring Video Door Bell Attach to New Wifi Network

We had some issues with the Ring Video Door bell. When someone came to the door or rang the door bell it would take a long time to respond.

Since we have more than one Wifi, the issue was that the Ring Video Door bell was paired with the wifi that was furthest away. This was causing a slow response. So I needed to do the following to fix it:
1 – Detach the Video Door bell from the front door.
2 – Remove the device from the Ring App (unpair)
3 – Pair the Device again & Hit the orange button on the Video Door bell
4 – Choose the new Wifi connection
5 – Test our the Video Door bell & reattach it to the door

Bonus: Apply all the old settings to the video door bell via the app.


Resume Impact (part 1 of 2) keywords and impact

Mr. Eric Lee said, “Very informative and helpful video. Looking forward on the video for your tips on making a résumé. More power!”

What I have done with my résumé is to focus on content. I focus on two main things in the content:
1 – Impact statements
2 – Keywords in the industry

On the very top of the resume, I add my highest certification, and/or degree next to my name. This allows for an immediate impact because the employer sees that immediately.

I make sure that the employer or recruiter has a way to contact me by putting my email and/or phone number up top.

I place the title of the job I am going for as the title of the résumé so that the résumé is more of a statement of what I am going for rather than what I am currently doing. Normally, the title of the job I am going for and the one I am currently doing are different names for the same work.

I make sure that all my primary achievements are on the top of the résumé. If I have a huge amount of experience, a PHD, a certification, then I put that up top under my name for impact.

I put impact statements through out my job descriptions, so they can see what an effective worker I am.

I add keywords from my industry. For example, the keyword “DIACAP” is used exclusively in my career field, so I make sure I add that in the impact statement of my job descriptions.

What is equally important is to advertise the resume. Upload it to as many job sites and job search engines as you can (especially Linkedin).



Privacy is Dead – be faster than the slowest guy

A viewer on Youtube commented on one of my videos: “Privacy is dead. The minute we are on social network using our real names or not, personal information is already out there floating somewhere, somehow…”

I agree. If someone really wants your personal information and you have put posted something on the Internet, there is a good chance that they can get it. The more you post, the more exposure you have. Even if you use a fake name and fake address.

There is no such as 100% security or privacy. But you can have some level of control that makes it harder for attacker to get you. If you have some controls in place attackers are more likely to go after softer targets.

If it take attacker a longer time to go after you then it does to go after someone easier, they will usually choose the softer target.

Protecting Your Identity from Crazy People Personally identifiable information

As we get more popular we encounter crazier and crazier people. This video is an example of why you should be careful about posting your personally identifiable information online.

Do not use your real name – With your real name, people may be able to find out your address.  Do not show your physical address – Imagine what someone can do if they know exactly where you live?
Do not advertise your real birthday – Your date of birth is another bit of information that will help identify you.

Scam – Dating Site Need Plane Ticket Money

A common scam on some foreign dating sites is for people to ask for money for a plane ticket. They will claim that they are from America or Europe but are stuck in another country so they need your help to come closer to you. They claim that when they get there they will pay you back.

You should know that this is a common scam. Do not fall for it. If you send them the money for the plane ticket, you will not see the again.

How to Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images

Ever wonder if the person you are talking to on a dating site is real? Their profile looks too good to be true. Their profile pictures are all glamour shots. Or maybe you want to get serious but you just want to be sure that this person is who they say they are.

With this little trick, you can gather more information about who they are just to make sure. Here are the steps:

1. Get their profile picture
2. If you had to screen shot their image, copy it to paint and crop it
3. Upload the image to Google Images
4. Compare the images/information you find with what is is on the dating profile.

Sometimes scammers use the images of musicians/actors/models from their home country. When they do this, it is pretty easy to identify the fakes because it will pop up all over the place. In this video I give you an example of how to do it.


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