Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix (SV-5)

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Product Definition.
Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix is a specification of the relationships between the set of operational activities applicable to an architecture and the set of system functions applicable to that architecture.

Product Purpose. SV-5 depicts the mapping of operational activities to system functions and thus identifies the transformation of an operational need into a purposeful action performed by a system.

SV-5 can be extended to depict the mapping of capabilities to operational activities, operational activities to system functions, system functions to systems, and thus relates the capabilities to the systems that support them. Such a matrix allows decision makers and planners to quickly identify stovepiped systems, redundant/duplicative systems, gaps in capability, and possible future investment strategies all in accordance with the time stamp given to the architecture. SV-5 correlates capability requirements that would not be satisfied if a specific system is not fielded to a specific DoD unit.

Product Detailed Description.
The Framework uses the terms activity in the OVs and function in the SVs to refer to essentially the same kind of thing-both activities and functions are tasks that are performed, accept inputs, and develop outputs. The distinction lies in the fact that system functions are executed by automated systems, while operational activities describe business operations that may be conducted by humans, automated systems, or both. Typical systems engineering practices use both of these terms, often interchangeably. However, given the Framework’s use of activities on the operational side and functions on the systems side, and the fact that operational nodes do not map one-to-one to systems nodes, it is natural that operational activities do not map one-to-one to system functions. Therefore, SV-5 forms an integral part of the eventual complete mapping from operational capabilities to systems requirements. SV-5 is an explicit link between the OV and SV. The capabilities and activities are drawn from OV-5, OV-6b, and OV-6c. The system functions are drawn from an SV-4. (SV-1 and SV-2 may also define system functions for identified systems.)
Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix, SV-5
The relationship between operational activities and system functions can also be expected to be many-to- many (i.e., one operational activity may be supported by multiple system functions, and one system function may support multiple operational activities).

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