Nigerian Romance Scam

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I was contacted through Tango Wire dating site. He immediately gave me his email address. The person called himself Philip Bingham email address . I will cut and paste the first two or three emails so you get the picture. He eventually, after about 5 or 6 emails wanted money. I figured out it was a scam early on and played with it for a while. I erased all of the emails and decided that I should report him somewhere so I created two other email addresses and contacted him. He sent a photo of a tall white blond haired male around 50 -55 years old. I will now cut and paste the first couple emails which gives you name and phone number.
One: Thanks for writing me back – you really have no idea how happy i am to receive an email from a Good looking woman like yourself. Am speechless .. I have attached some photos for you. Honestly when i first saw your picture i was intrigued!. You’re a good looking woman and i really admire that very much. First you have to understand that all that glitters aren’t Gold but when i see a pure diamond i won’t hesitate to jump on it.

I am a Architect that has been looked upon as a leader in the industry. I have been involved in various projects from overseeing construction of commercial buildings to working on government projects local and overseas. I have worked both for myself as a consultant and as a direct employee.

I haven’t been to La Jolla in CA before ..From the way you speak of it already am thinking life there will be very interesting and fun too! – I do like animals very much , I use to have a German shepherd.

Presently I am planning a trip to Central West Africa to check on the ( Casino / Hotel & Resort Project ) That am handling over there. Well it’s been quite an experience working overseas off & on. Perhaps you can reach me on my land line so we can talk a bit – Normally am not much of the phone buddy but for a good looking woman like yourself , I would enjoy having a conversation with you. # 718-285-8982

Let me begin by saying I am a widower and have been for 7 years now.. It was very sudden and I have taken time out to rediscover myself again. I have just started back into the dating scene this last few years. I enjoy a good conversation. I really don’t think distance is a negative factor for a lasting relationship – Understanding and Clicking matters a lot. Do you honestly think we can make magic? Am in search of an Ideal Woman!! Someone to share my passion and love with.

I am both American & Swedish. My father was American but my mother was born in Sweden. I recently moved to the States after so many years of living in Europe and it feels good to be home.

You have my Attention! Your turn to tell me more about yourself !


Two: Nice hearing back from you so soon , I live very in the City , China Town area , I love the restaurants so much , I have been living here in New York for about 8 months now. I have a beautiful new apartment that is very nice. I want to just see where I really want to plant my roots before I settle in buying a home.

I was born here in the US , But spend my whole life in Europe ‘ Stockholm Sweden. I simply moved back here because there’s no place like home! .. My Project happens to be taking me to Nigeria, Victoria Island Lagos… I am managing a building project for a new casino/hotel resort on the island. There is much new development going on there and it is an exciting time for Africa to be building some beautiful architectural structures.

I have some questions for you .. First , Tell me something about yourself that you haven’t share in your profile .. secondly , For how long now have you been Divorced , What is the dating sense like for you so far , I mean your experience on MATCH.


Three: appreciate your response back to me , Shows that you really have interest in corresponding with me and that is a very good thing.. You seem like a very humble and loyal woman! that i would really love to connect with. Am happy i have your attention, I want us to get to know each other better and see where this takes Us , Mean while i always hope for the best in everything i do and know the best is mine always.

I have missed emailing with you back and forth , I have been out today running errands and taking care of other things very important for my trip to Africa this Thursday. Just got in and the first thing i can think of is checking my email to see weather you have dropped me a note. My day was good but also a bit stressful… Are you home now .. maybe we can try using the Yahoo! Messenger I’M it’s very nice or better still talk on the phone.

I didn’t know it was possible one could Google themselves on line , It’s very nice still i have never tried it before .. Am new to this whole on line dating .. Am not well experienced. I have only been on MATCH for a week.

Anyway i don’t think am posted on line .. I have been involved in private contracts well if you have question to ask me , i much prefer you come straight and ask me.

My last name is Bingham. Have a wonderful evening Sandra..


The other email address I created is receiving almost identical emails with minor modification that may address one or two questions.

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6 Comments on Nigerian Romance Scam

  1. Cheza
    November 8, 2009 at 5:32 am (10 years ago)

    This man should be found and prosecuted to the highest degree for using some one else's photo without their knowledge as for what he has to say he has stolen this from the likes of true and trustworthy human beings. He himself is not a human being and I pray that God will deal him a very heavy blow. This is written by a friend of a friend who this man also wrote to in Australia and has seriously hurt for the sake of filling his own pocket – but mark my words this money is no good for him. This is what you call black money….and can only lead one way…to the devil.

  2. christine
    November 23, 2009 at 6:55 pm (10 years ago)

    I to have just meet someone now wants money from nigeria he says he is from new york went to london now in nigeria on another business trip. his name is zino fersese and i have a phone number which is weird that he had giving me a international number cant a cell phone from new york work in nigeria im wondering. He says hes a vet in new york from his home but he is not listed I checked everywhere He gave me his home address in ny now i wish i can drive to it to see if its his address i was going to write a letter there to the address and see if it comes back to me what do you think. I blew him off for 2 days now.
    he sends me letters but i havent answered them. anyone know him. He is on yahoo.
    under that name fersese?

  3. looops
    December 11, 2009 at 12:41 pm (10 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing! I now realise they tend to ask for the ladies tell me abt ur experinece with this site..hoping for the fresh innocent ones…
    they will also tend to ask for the past experinces to emphatize accordingly to make the woman fall in love faster..ladies beware it here is too much love and pushyness up front…alo with offers to visit and buy u presents…

  4. amazing
    March 6, 2010 at 3:04 pm (10 years ago)

    I decided to check on a address that I was given last night . I have been speaking with a gentleman for about 4 days who says he is from Minnesota. He stated that he is an artist and has to go to Nigeria for 2 weeks and then when he returns, want me to pick him up at the airport. He has asked me to send him a gold necklace that I wear, as well as a shirt that is important to me. I checked the address he asked me to send it to, and there is no such address. I know i am being scamed. He has all the right words, and fits the profile completely.

    He supposedly is traveling to Nigeria today for a 2 week project. He goes by the name of Kelvin Samuel Tony.

    • nancy
      April 8, 2010 at 11:05 pm (10 years ago)

      iam also talking to aman saying hes working for a charity,i have sent him money….nowi did a reverse email look up…says hes from sunny ville calif. yet when i recieve my phone bill it has nigeria on the calls. cansomeone have an nigerian phone number and live in the usa??,,i have a feeling i am being made like a fool also. and yes they seem toknow the right words to say…. He likley wont be at the air port either…my friend was to come last week but he called upset sayinghe needs a criminal check .yeti called the nigeria consolate and they told me since hes from the usa or suppose to be he wouldnt need one yet this guy wanted 2500 us to get everything done ???? i had the address checked and there isnt one . they all should be hung for scams..nancy

    • carmen
      April 13, 2010 at 11:24 pm (10 years ago)

      Enter text right here!
      Dear friends, i do understand what you had been thru, i never had you the hayoo personals before, but my daughter convinced me to, and opened an account for me. Someone sent me a message, similar to yours. He goes by the name of joe johnson, living first in London in a project with his daugther, supposely he is an engineer from west orange new jersey. Well we were emails for around 3 weeks, he sounded very interesting, but may few mistakes, there were to repeat paragraphs with same contents. I had been playing along, until he popped the questions, he wanted me to send him $450 dollars to pay some taxes before he leave Nigeria, supposely to the embassy, for him and his daugther diana come back to USA to me. I played him to give me information, he said he got paid with an American check and could not cash there. He gave me code to send the money via Western Union to Joe Johnson the code question is taxes, but he still waiting for that money. they are using a 234 802 3755 948, and other series of 234> Ladies be carefully,
      sincerely, clg


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