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Physicists, mathematicians, futurists and sci-fi writers are the ne0-prophets of our time. Einstein, Max Plank, William Gibson, Georg Cantor are the new world prophets determining the probable future transfinite realities among absolute infinity.

Neuromancer is an example of probable futures. It is THE work of fiction by William Gibson that popularized the cyberpunk genre. In the book, Gibson actually coined the phrase cyberspace and the matrix, a multi-diminsional virtual reality that allows users to jack their brain directly into the cyberspace.

Case is a hacker is hired to do the biggest hack ever. The book is brilliant. Some of my favorite characters are Molly, the assassin, who looks like this:
Molly, neuromancer
William Gibson himself

and Wintermute, the corporation/Artificial intelligence and Maelcum A member of Zion, a Rastafarian space station community.
Neuromancer the book

A year here and he still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly.
All the speed he took, all the turns he’d taken and the corners
he’d cut in Night City, and still he’d see the matrix in his
sleep, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colorless void. . .

Its such a brilliant piece of work that I am surprised it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

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