Network Vulnerability tool: AutoScan is a utility for network exploration

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AutoScan is a utility for network exploration.

I used AutoScan on my home network and found out that my Router has Linux on it.  For my customer's enclave I used Autoscan to quickly locate vulnerabilities.

Although the network is small the scan was usefull since it has given me a good idea what affect AutoScan will have on my customers larger newtork with more valuable assets and a potentially larger number of risks.

AutoScan did not alter my customers work as it instantly picked up workstations, internetworking devices and printers.  The built in nmap scripts adds a very nice touch. 

If you're a mobile White Hat on the go like me, autoscan within the WHAX live CD is a great security tool to add to your “batbelt.”

The objective of the program is to post the list of all equipment connected to the network. A list of ports preset is scanned for each equipment. You can find many more vulnerability tools with tags at Technorati &

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