Mr Prest Charles *SCAM*

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WHOA! Google Mr. Prest Charles and you hit the MOTHERLODE of SCAM-tastic information!


Re: collection of fund ($9.6m) under special me here (

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself and I would like
to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to
you.My name is Mr Prest Charles,I work in executive capacity with CARGO
HANDLING & SECURITY TRUST COMPANY in London(UK) I joined the services of
this company in 1985. Idecided to contact you believing that you will become
my overseas Business assocaites in acquiring an investment placed under our
management more than seven (7) years ago.

I have worked with this company for over 20 years, within this period of
time I watched with meticulous precision on how Head of State and government
functionaries have been moving huge sums of money with the aid of their
foreign partners abroad. They bring in these consignment and declare the
content as jewelries, Gold, Precious Stones, Family Treasure,

These people have at one time or the other deposited consignments with us
and their foreign partners, relatives and Next of Kin are Claiming most of
these consignment and a lot more are laying here unclaimed for as much as 7
years, as no available
information to anybody except the depositors, and most of them are dead.
Since the inception of the year 2005,the
Management changed the procedure of claiming of consignments.As soon as you
are able to produce all the information as contained in the secret file of
the company as regard the consignment, it will be released
to you upon demand.

From our records, more than 10 consignments belonging to these people has
been claimed in the past six months and this is why I am seeking for your
co-operation and assistance to help execute this pending deal which has been
unclaimed for so long
as I know no one will ever come forward to claim it because the deceased
left no next of kin.The amount in question is very small compared to what my
office has sent overseas for this people.

I will provide all the documents needed for this purpose as I was the
account officer who handled most this transaction on behalf of this
client.For the release of the consignment, the company will invite you for
the collection, or you may insist that the consignment be delivered to you
instead. I hope to hear from you to enable me provide you with the complete
picture of this deal.

Funish me with the following:

Full Names/Mailing address/Telephone and fax numbers.
contact me here (
Expecting your urgent Response.

Mr Prest Charles

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