Mobile viruses could get nasty fast

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Dan Nystedt's article on PCWorld tells of the good, the bad and the
ugly about connecting mobile systems to home system to the Internet:

“The dream of a connected world where
PCs and mobile phones can communicate with the digital home and other
devices is supposed to make life easier. But it could instead make life
far more dangerous if malware developers have their way.”

And my favorite part:

“For example, mobile phone services in some countries let people see
what's going on inside their house via a Web cam connected to motion
sensors, snapping a picture and sending to the homeowner if anything
seems awry. But a hacker could use that same Web cam to see if anyone's
home, and perhaps break in. Or invade people's privacy by taking
pictures of what's going on in the house. And could a marauder hack
into a driver's mobile phone use it to shut down certain automobile
systems, like the brakes?”

The article goes on to mention something very interesting, 3G phones
are online all the time.  This feature make them HIGHLY
vulnerable to attacks.  I won't be surprise if one day soon these
phones will have to have little built in mobile firewalls.

“F-Secure, another vendor of antivirus tools,
says the current total count of known mobile malware stands at 87, up
from less than 10 early last year. A total of 82 of those viruses were
written to run on the Symbian series 60 operating system.”

Symbian is a very popular mobile phone operating system.  Much
like the Microsoft OSes and apps, Symbians popularity makes it a huge,
juicy target to mobile phone black hats.

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