Jeff Moss + DHS = Super Security

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“Godfather of Hackers” Jeff Moss, founder of the Black Hat and Defcon hacker and security conferences, was sworn in as one of the new members of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council (HSAC). And we think it’s a shrewd and thoughtful move. Obama seems to be getting serious about cyber security now by hiring “Dark Tangent.”

on gizmodo

Jeff Moss is not only a celebrity in the world of hacking, he is also a powerbroker. He is a respected force to be reckoned with. I am not going to say that I think he is some sort of cyber mafia boss but I will say that he could destroy just about anyone with a 100 word post on a forum. Getting “street cred” in the hacker world is something that must be truly earned usually by technical expertise proven by hundreds or even thousands of your hacker peers validated by published technical papers, famous/infamous system infiltrations, the discovery of 0-day exploits that make major corporations take notice, or some combination of these.

Jeff has his finger on the pulse of the entire spectrum of hacking.

Jeff is now going to advise the president.

Now that is good judgement.

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