Is Privacy Dead?

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Privacy is dead and getting deader. So who killed it? We did. We killed it with our nature. We like our tools & technology. We can’t go without our GPS, SIM card loaded cell phones. We don’t really think about how cell Phones can be easily tracked and tell so many intimated details about where you are and who you’re talking to.

We love convenience so how can we go without our Google, Yahoo, MSN searches and our access to the Internet. Never mind the fact that all of these entities track or even record (and send to the government) every thing we do online.

Our nature places privacy last on the list, and convenience and comfort in the top five. I’m not looking down my nose at you. I’m guilty of all of the above privacy sins. I’m not judging your search engine usage or saying you should switch to anonymizers and or go phone using an untraceable credit card.. I’ve got my tin foil hat in storage next to my year supply of MRE’s and shot guns.

I’m just pointing out the facts. We give our privacy away, to companies, the government and other organizations.

What is a bit bothersome to me are laws that allow the abuse of what we are willing to give in trust. The protection of the data we entrust to companies, federal, state and local government should not be allowed to be misused neither by

Violations of the 4th Amendment (use of your online history without probable cause) nor by criminal hackers and/or companies selling your information to the highest bidder.

Fair laws that are in favor of the buyer adherence to the 4th Amendment. I don’t think this is a reasonable request. I think the CIO’s who implement opt-out letters sent to clients expect some amount of respect for the information they put out.

Would be pissed if his financial information was stolen.

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