Integral Computer Security (a.k.a Integral Hacking)

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

My message to Brad the Integral Designer at Brad Lauster dot com:
I have been thinking of implementing Ken’s 4 quadrant approach to my profession, Information Security, as well.  I still need to fill out my understanding of the AQAL method, but so far I imagine seeing applying what Ken calls “quadrivia” to the concept of a security network.  So I guess I’d have to consider the network as a holon (whole part among other wholes) defined by the four quadrants (perspectives that define the network).  What is incredible is that it forces me to think in terms of a network only as people see it: individual users, the organization who owns the network (from the inside and outside), and the world (lower-right?). Its almost like puting it in my hand and observing it from every angle for weakness’ (but I’m seeing it as if I am a four dimensional being because I can see the INSIDE as well).

Like I said, this requires that I have more knowledge of AQAL.

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