I got Hacked: phishing, hacking, social engineering, INFOSEC

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

As a tribute to hacking, white hat and black hat (both the Dark Side and Light Side of the Force) I've put together a page called “I Got Hacked.” 

In it I talk about how I was almost a victim of phishing while on ebay in December 04. I'll also talk more on how I wiped   “trojan-spy.html.smithfraud” from my friends system, since that seems to be popular. 

I'm still working on getting some more content that is more fitting to home computer security made easy, so relax folx.  If you want some basics on how to get some security on your broadband dsl/cable device go my “Broadband Internet Security” page. 

Seems the more aware of information security I become the more hacks I am able to reckognize and get rid of  and the more weakness' and risks I see in other peoples systems, software and social practices. 

I like security and hacking because it can be used to strengthens existing structures be they legal or technological.  And the irony of it all is that all structures must eventually be destroyed for even galaxies die.

There can not be birth without death, light without shadow or security without hacker exploits.


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