Get a Netbook

by Bruce Brown | 0 comment

Netbooks are a another thing I’ve been tempted to add to my collection of things I do not need. Not including my two work laptops, I own 4 computers. So why in the world would I get a “netbook”?!

I could use is as a mobile wi-fi box that I keep in my car for emergencies, but that is what my HTC is for. The bottom line is that I just don’t need it. It would make a cool little hack box to mess around with. I could make it do nothing but look for WIFI points and continuously scan for viruses and exploited systems. That would kind of cool. Its so mobile that it could make a pretty decent War Drive device (if you were into that sort of thing). I imagine they’ll be some at Defon 17 War Drive contest.

I’m so obsessed with hard drive size that the netbooks puny 4-8 gigs kind of push me away.

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