gagamatch and Interlingvo scam dating translations site

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Many “girls” from gagamatch solicit users from other dating sites with elaborate fake profiles feature images of models and artist from all over the world.  You can confirm that the images are from models/actresses by doing a google search on the image.

They try to lure guys to gagamatch where they have a “private” email and profile that you can only access by joining GAGAMatch.  They claim that you must join because they don’t speak English well and Gagamatch has a great translator so you must join.

Most of girls on gaga try to cheat you extort your money..

Gagamatach used to be called Interlingvo.  The organization that runs this actually has many dating sites that do the same scam with a database of fake, pretty pictures and profiles to lure man. Here are more sites in their network:

Russian sites

— from

The will try to get you to pay for membership and translations of messages for these profiles.. keep in mind some of these are probably NOT women and definitely NOT what you see on the pictures but men want to believe it is true.



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