Financial Scams : Capital One

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Beware: This is a financial scams that has been around for a while.

Subject: FW: Account Alert: IMPORTANT Notification, Action Required

An apparent fishing attempt…

From: Capital One []

Subject: Account Alert: IMPORTANT Notification, Action Required


Account Alert: Service Validation.

Dear Valued Holder,

As requested, We’re writing to make sure you’re aware of a NEW change in security procedure for all account holders.Your profile and billing information needs to be validated.

Kindly follow the ONE-TIME action below in order to opt with our recent security improvement. By passing back and forth private information that only you and us know, you can feel even more secure with your online access experience. We recognize you and you recognize us.

To continue, we have sent you an attached HTML Web Page.

See e-mail attachedweb page
Download and save it
Open the attached web page
Get started by confirming your informations

Online Customer Center.

Do not reply to this message with Account-related questions. If you wish to submit a question, please contact us at One
P.O. Box 5226
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5226
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1 Comment on Financial Scams : Capital One

  1. mohd rizal azwan
    July 2, 2016 at 6:15 pm (3 years ago)

    I have received email from mr. Chris newkirk and tell to me claim my funds US $5.5M and ATM master card from capital one bank london PLC. I dont know true or scam email from mr. Chris newkirk


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