Filipino Cupid Success

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Filipino Cupid Success

Written by: Matt 🙂 ** for you, baby**

In 2011, I submitted an article to about how I was scammed on Filipino cupid.

 That article was accompanied by an article by the actual woman that scammed me:

Even though the interaction was built on lies, it actually start to turn into a relationship, a relationship that ended with her apologizing and me finding it hard to trust.  Its was a lot of heartache for both of us.  The good that came out of it was that we decided to warn others against that treacherous path we chose.  We of course broke up and she eventually paid me back.

Since that time things have changed a lot.  I have had filipino cupid success.  Not only did I find true love but I found the woman of my dreams.  A woman that is not only beautiful but someone who has become my best friend and someone who is apart of me completely.  I did not think such a thing was possible.  But here it is.  Even though I make an average income, I feel wealthy.  Its like I have found a castle full of riches.

 So I have been thinking how could I have found this person sooner.. what tips could I give to help others find a good woman and AVOID all that mistakes I made:


 asking money dating site1.  She Asks Money.  If the lady you meet online is asking for money, this is a pretty good indication that she is all about money.  Because of the poverty and the environment that is provides no legal, religious, moral or financial support of single mothers, MANY filipinas turn to asking, begging or scamming money from dating sites.  Some even make a living from this alone.  If her family is struggling, her priority is to them.  And its very understandable, but understand that because of this situation you are someone she just met.  You are a means to help her family who she would die for.  So lying to you is easy.

 So how do you determine who just really needs help and who is scamming?  You CAN NOT.  But from my experience, the ones that do not ask for money are serious.  All the ones that asked for money were no good.  If the money stops, they leave.  Its one thing to just ask for money but its another to pretend to be in love to get money, that is actually worse than a Gold Digger.

rule #1:  Just don’t give money.  Giving out money is NOT the way to filipino cupid success.

pitty dating2.  Victim stories.  This is usually tied to money.  They will tell you a terrible story about disease, death or accidents in the family.  Or they will say that their baby needs milk.  Keep in mind that you have NO WAY of know what is the truth from online chats.  They are telling you this story so that you feel pity and ask them if they need help (money).

 Ask yourself, 1-If they are in such a bad situation, why are they on the Internet?  In fact, how can they afford electricity and Internet in the first place?  2-WHY in the world would someone go on a DATING site to get pity?  Shouldn’t they get help at a church or friends or family or some sort of organization.  Don’t listen to victim stories.. you are on a dating site to find love not to become a charity organization.

 3. She will not get on video.  If he keeps making excuses to not be seen on video then she not who she says she is.  In fact, it might not even be a SHE.

 Filipino Cupid Success4.  Listen to her past.  Assuming she did not ask for money, did not try to receive charity from pity and you like what you see on video, then the next step is to get her to talk about herself.  Find out about her past relationship to see what kind of behavior she has in her life.  A person establishes habits that are more set the older they are.  Assume those habits are there to stay and ask yourself, “can I live with that?”

5.  Is she compatible with you?  Determining compatibility takes time.  Do you enjoy talking the her?  Does she like talking to you?  Do you feel comfortable and happy interacting?  Do you have arguments?  Can they be resolved?  Whatever the attraction it should be way beyond just sex.

I would also say that once you find the right one, you both should lose the desire to stay on dating sites.  When it is really good, dating sites lose their appeal.  You just don’t want to go there anymore.  There is no reason too.

 Through all the heartbreak, and all the crazy scams on, the filipino cupid success I have now has definitely made it worth it all.  I just hope you can be smarter than I was about it.  NOT giving money based on sob stories making sure she is who she says she is with VIDEO and then finding the right one.

I found the love of my life on filipino cupid, a dating site.  Its something that is way beyond words.  We have been together over a year and have met several times.    Together we have been traveling the world living a dream..

Good luck.

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