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Privacy is really important but unfortunately the default setting of Facebook and other social networks is to push out all posts, links, and media content out to everyone on your “friends” and sometimes even “friends of friends”. The problem with this is that not everyone on your “friends list” are friends. Some maybe immediate family, distant family, co-workers and while others are complete strangers.

There maybe parts of your life you want to share with family that you don’t want co-workers on your friends list to see.

With Facebook you can manage all the content that you post by creating Lists. Once the list is created you can control who has access to what you post and upload.

How to Create Facebook Friends Lists:
1) Login and go to Account | Edit Friends
2) Click on “Create New List” and make a name for your new list
3) Once you have your new list you can add people to that list

Limiting Access to Content:
Anytime you post content you will be given the option of permitting or deny certain lists of friends (or even individuals) to what you are posting. At the bottom of every post near the “Share” button, there is a lock with an arrow to a drop down featuring: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends, and Custom. If you click Custom, it will allow you to choose the new list you created or even specific individuals.

With this built in access control feature you have pretty good control over your privacy.

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