Digg will take over the world

by Bruce Brown | 1 Comment

When I was in high school, I read this book called Ender's Game, by a man named Orson Scott Card.  The book is about a strategic prodigy named Ender who is the only hope for saving humanity from an alien invasion.  It was a great book. 

In the bookd Ender's brother and sister, Peter and Valentine, are just as bright
as he. Peter convinces Valentine to collaborate in his grand scheme
of controlling the planet Earth.  They start by creating a huge following on the Internet.

I think that the comment system created by Kevin Rose and the Revision 3 team is going to be copied enough to make it an unofficial standard.  The one thing that is very powerful about digg is that it harnesses the power of the collective masses participating.  Some topics that are supercharged with emotion moving hundreds  of commenters on digg into action.  The site becomes like a loaded gun.

Perhaps it won't be digg that starts catapults the current online revolution but it will almost definitely be something very similar.

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