Nigerian Scam

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I joined and recieved a im from someone callng himself John Eric. Stating he read my profile and wanted to know if I would like to chat. So I read his profile and agreed to chat. He said he lived in Sarasota, Florida, and that he was divorced and his daughter lived in London with ex-wife who had cheated on him with a best friend. He had just moved to Florida in May. He said he was an engineer contractor. After chatting a couple of times on the date servcie he asked me to contact him on yahoo messanger. So I finally did and after a week of chatting he informed me he was going to Africa to supervise a building project for 2 week and hoped we could still continue emailing. He became very amourous very quickly stating he was falling in love with me and would like to come and see me after work was completed in Africa. When I would ask questions sometimes he would answer or he would not answer and change the subject with talk of his undying love and devotion for me. Or his computor would stop working. Suppossedly becasue of the distance. I quite enjoyed conversing with him and we seemed to click. He stated that he wanted to marry me and that he believed God was calling us together. It’s been 3 week chatting for hours together and 2 days ago he stated something bad had happened. When I enquired what it was he said he didn’t want to bother me with his problems. When I enquired more he told me he had come back to his apartment finding that someone had stolen his wallet, all his money and important papers as well as recent pictures of his daughter. He’d reported them stolen but would not be able to get them replaced for4 working days. He stated he had not eaten and didn’t know what to do. I made some suggestions on how he could possibly get some help US Embassy, go to a medical clinic, local church get some help anywhere. He said he was to proud and did not want to beg. I should not worry myself. That God would provide. The next day he said he needed to ask me a favor. He hadn and’t eaten for 2 days now had no money for his anti malaria dose and was wondering if I could help him out by sending him just a bit of money to get by till monday when he should be getting his new credit cards and he would remburse me then and was still planning to come and see me in Canada by thursday. I was starting to get mixed messages from him. He said he would book his flight on friday Canada(yet he didn’t have any credit cards to do that) that I would see him by thursday morning and promised me the world. He gave me information on how to send a western union money order and the secret questions I should answer so it was safe. And that I should put the name of his driver on the check. Red flags. I said to him why wouldn’t I put your name on the check. He stated I have to stay working at my office and it takes 2 hours to get downtown to bank. He said he trusted his driver and knew him well and I should not worry. His driver was well known and a good friend and he had his reasons to trust the guy. I finally stated to him I feel like something here is wrong and I do not feel right about doing this. He said he understood and then said he was wrong to ask me to do this and this was his problem and not to worry and asked me to forgive him and it would never happen again. He still was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I felt really confused at first and then a friend phoned and told me about this sight to read it and I’m sure it is the same guy. I will leave the address he gave me so you all can see it. His picture looks like a very handsome model type Italian. 46 years old. Name John Eric. His profile was in American singles. ( I informed staff there of this persons fraudulent behavior, they cancelled his profile). I tried to get more information so I’ve pretended to change my mind and state that I am willing to offer financial support. Telling him my banker will send a check to the USA Embassy but I need some Id from him, and a phone number or address where a driver from the US embassy can pick him up so he can recieve this check. No response yet but we’ll see what happens and if I can get info then I will report him.

His mailing address and Drivers name are:

Endurance Njoku
21 Ikosi Road
Lagos City

Everyone please be careful of people who sound too good to be true, who offer you the world even before meeting you, who use alot of romantic talk right aways, who declare undying love and devotion and move at a really quick pace. Don’t be confused with this and if they ask for help financially or for help with getting a visa don’t buy into it.

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