Comment Spammers Exploiting Open blogs

by Bruce Brown | 8 Comments

I've recently experienced an increase in spam traffic on my blog.
It started when I got about 20 comments in one day on one of my least
popular articles.  I could see that the porn spammer had dug deep
into my site and found a seemingly insignifigant article to place about
100 links.  I deleted them imediately and blocked the IP from
whince they came. 

The very next day I had fifteen more.  I delete those and blocked
that IP.  I've been forced to turn off my anonymous
comments.  One of my favorite things about blogs is that anyone
can say anything – they so refreshingly interactive that they create
these close relationships with readers. 

Unfortunately, casino, porn and pill spammers also see the power of
blogs.  They target blogs with anonymous comments and
trackbacks.  And they use thousands of hacked computers to act as
proxies so that even if you block their IP they've got plenty more ways
to get to you. 

I've blocked them and I'm still seeing traffic coming from their sites
which tells me that they have linked to my site and my visitors are
clicking into their site then coming back to me. 

Here is a list of Casino Spammers retreived from

“Finding our Poker Spammer’s identifying links is easy. Just
visit one of his web pages by using one of the thousands of spam links
he left on your site. Like, for instance. Then
click on the links to the casino sites. You’ll see something like (or
identical to) this:”

For more on legally stopping Casino, Porn and other spammers visit:

8 Comments on Comment Spammers Exploiting Open blogs

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