China's "WAPI" standard rejected in favor of American 802.11i

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Back in March, it was reported that WAPI was rejected by ISO because China refused to disclose some details of the technology. This meant that ISO members weren't able to guarantee that WAPI did not allow backdoor access to encrypted material. — C|net

The American 802.11i encryption is backed by Intel. China's wireless standard is now claiming that it is a conspiracy from the U.S. engineer's group

I think the Chinese have a ways to go on engineering at the level of quality that the Western world has set.  Just look at the safety rating that the JiangLing Landwind, China's first car to be sold in Europe.  It received a ZERO in safety, breaking the record for the lowest score ever by European saftey standards. 

I think the Chinese will eventually fine tune the process and beable to compete and even beat the European, American, and  Japanese companies but its just began to get into the real thick of capitolism, so like the JiangLing's safty feature (or lack there of) some of their standards and practices are stuck in the 20th century.  When this giant wakes up completely, they'll be no stopping them.  The spark and freedom of innovation at Western standards is all they need and then it will be all over.  They'll be to business and commerce what a team of Micheal Jordan clones would be to the NBA.  I suspect the same thing of India.  Its not so much brain power and work ethic (or which they have loads) as it is numbers of people.

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